• Papaya with Lobster Salad
  • uleen Crabs
  • Mix Fruits platter
  • Jumbo Shrimps
  • Mandarin Duck Fruit Platter
  • lobster & crab
  • Mandarin Duck Fruit Platter
  • XO Black Bean Oyster
  • Soy Sauce Crispy Baby Chicken
  • eggplan
  • Famil Style Meal
  • Salted Pepper Fried Squid
  • chicken black Beef
  • Peking duck
  • seafood soup
  • Tapioca dessert

Welcome to Fuleen!

Fuleen Seafood Restaurant

In rows of tanks at the front window of Fuleen Seafood Restaurant are fresh fish and crustaceans waiting to be sizzled. For an unbeatable bargain, come between 11:30 a.m. and 3 p.m. For the freshest seafood, always ask for the day's specials.

About Us

fuleen seafood restaurant

Fuleen Seafood Restaurant is located in the Chinatown neighborhood of Manhattan and serves Kosher, Seafood, Asian, Chinese, and Pan Asian cuisine. Fuleen accepts advance reservations, serves alcohol, accommodate large groups, offers delivery and takeout.

Ratings & Reviews

zagat review NYC
Fuleen on Zaget Review & Rating
"Squirmingly fresh", Hong Kong–style fish straight from a "saltwater tank" reels folks into this "cheap" Chinatown seafooder; despite a "boisterous", "fluorescent" setting, it remains ...
the michelin guide selected

Michelin Guide Recommended
From their variety of hard- and soft-shell crab dishes to the ever-popular snails in black bean sauce or geoduck clams “two different ways? this Cantonese cuisine does impressive things with gourmet ingredients ...

Eating Drinking Review

Time Out Says
Always inquire about the specials. You might find yourself with a steaming basket of shrimp just plucked from their pool, a briny soup brimming with scallops, a melting tender whole fish with ginger and ...

menupages's Reviews

Menupages's Rating & Reviews
Amazing Szechuan shrimp! Obviously seafood is their speciality ...


  • 1
    “The crab is the hands down highlight. It was amazing! So delicious and authentic.?
  • 2
    “The food was delicious, the service was okay and the decor was better than I expected.?
  • 3
    “I love Fuleen. The food is delicious, lunch specials here are the best! Everyday until 3:00pm.?
  • 4
    “Fried fish fillet and tofu was very good; lots of fresh fish & tofu on bed of lettuce ...?More on fullen on yelp
  • 5
    “Fried jumbo shrimp house special was also excellent, and the shell is thin enough that it can be eaten as well or peeled ...?fullen on yelp
  • 6
    “Super delicious & affordable. one of the chinatown restaurants where I trust the seafood ...?fullen on four square

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Fuleen Seafood Resturant
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